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Animated Videos Northants

High quality Motion Graphics/Animation for promotional video based in Wellingborough, Northants

I work mostly on the digital side of video creation, what is otherwise known as motion graphics. Motion Graphics applies many of the rules and techniques that I use in static graphic design but with the extra "ooh" factor of animation.

This can include many different types of techniques. The most obvious technique that is associated with the term Motion Graphics can be found in the below video represented by the Impact style. This is mainly made up of a mixture of Typography and icons to represent the themes and concepts of the voice over script

Motion Graphics would also cover a hugely popular video style known as Whiteboard Animation or Doodle Videos. This is where cartoon imagery is used to reinforce / represent the words in the script with the added feeling of creativity that is offered by seeing the drawings come together in-front of you.

Motion graphics extend beyond the 2D plains with the Impact style video in subtle ways, but sometimes it can really hammer home a point when it is in three dimensions, and we can provide that with the 3D visualisation technique.

Character Animation is also a highly popular technique for online videos, giving a face and personality to the subject of the video.

This following video addresses the suitability of each of these video types in relat ion to the target audience, and is well worth paying attention to. I can't see Alan Sugar being sold on a concept through the use of Character Animation.

If you are look for straight up help with video, I can help with that too. With my connections we can have your filming, studio, audio and even script writing all covered.

This music video was created for a local musical collective: The Night Journey, The track is call 'Curtain Falls' the video was created in after effects with no extra plug-ins, and made to look like it was made with paper puppets,.

The following video was created to serve a dual purpose, promoting their services on their website and also at an expo October 2015.

The following video was created as part of a larger project for a company called Dragon Infrastructure Solutions. The video was created to play on a loop on an exhibition stand highlighting the services they provide (Grid Connections).