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Business Card Design Northants

Freelance Business Card Design Northants

Business Cards have been for decades and continue to be the first physical representation of your business that many of your potential customers will come in contact with. That is why it is vital that this small bit of pulped wood looks exactly right.

These days the options for your business card are wide and varied.

There are two sides to a business card (literally) and it is important to cover both as it is a missed opportunity otherwise. There may any be a total of 9350 square millimetres available to you but utilised correctly not only can you include your contact details but you can sum-up your business and even sell it.

The options extend in to all sorts of areas. The chief objective is to make your business card, thus you, thus your business memorable.

This may be achieved by:

  • Including a picture of yourself to jog your potential client's memory (especially good if you have a memorable face/head).
  • Use colours and imagery to really stand out.
  • Have an unusual shape (within the 85x55mm standards)
  • Have a business card that folds out to reveal a mini-brochure
  • Have an unusual printed medium such as plastic or even wood!
  • Holographic business cards
  • UV Map (raise / gloss enhancing certain areas of your business card)

Business Card Printing

If you don't want to spend the time sourcing a printer for your business cards I can arrange for that also.

So if you want your business card designed right, please contact me.

Check out business card design examples in my portfolio...