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Compliment Slip Design Northants

Freelance Compliment Slip Design Northants

Compliment Slips aren't always given a lot of thought, though they are often the last bit of printed material your clients may hold in their hands.

So, it is important that they continue to present your cohesive brand and look good at the very least.

What else can you do with your compliment slips?

You can make sure that your compliment slips list all your services as it can't be taken as a given that whoever comes across them will be aware of them all.

Anyone could come across any of your printed material so make sure that your compliment slip at least attempts to sell your business in some way (it may just be clearly stating your strap-line).

Also make sure your web address is clearly prominent, as once you have hooked someone, that is likely their first port of call (maybe include a QR code too).

Make sure your compliment slip's potential is realised. contact me.

Check out compliment slip design examples in my portfolio...