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Letterhead Design Northants

Freelance Letterhead Design Northants

Letterheads lie at the centre of any stationery range. It is vital that they contain the right information while still allowing space for what will be printed/written on them

I can provide you with artwork that will work great as part of your branding for your letterheads, all provided in a suitable format for your printers.

Can letterhead designs do more?

What if your letterhead design was visually more arresting, making your correspondence stand out against others who may be writing to the same recipients?

Having a strong and memorable brand is a huge contributing factor when it comes to growing your business

I can help you stand out against the rest by trying a different layout with your letters (within reason - we don't want to confuse your recipients). I can advise a slight change to the shape of the paper if appropriate to your branding, and really emphasise the important points with the use of colour

Complimenting your letterhead with word templates

You may have a whizz-bang letterhead but it is important that you print out your text on to said template in the right way or you can lose the whole point of going to town on the letterhead in the first place. I can provide you with a word template that dictates the correct margins to compliment your text, that defines areas for addresses and dates. A template that defaults the font face, size, colour and spacing so when you print out your letter, it looks great without you having to do anything but type.

Ready for a change to your letterhead? contact me

Check out letterhead design examples in my portfolio...