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Freelance Logo Design Northants

Freelance Logo Design Northants

I am highly experienced designing logos. Either as part of a branding exercise or on their own.

The process starts with an informal conversation about budget and needs. I generally work at an hourly rate, so depending on your budget I will allocate time to various parts of the process. Making this service entirely scalable.

We will discuss the feeling and style you want for your logo. I will ask if there are examples of the kind of look you are looking for. It is important to establish the colour scheme for your logo which may be restricted for various reasons, but I tend to start designing the logo in monochrome as if a design works in black and white it most certainly will work in colour.

I will send you a PDF of various logo designs that I have come up within the established time frame. These will either be sketches or almost fully fledged logos depending on the time available.

We will likely narrow down the logo options and then start to refine it. This is where we would often establish the colour scheme of the logo and any typeface that may be a part of it.

At the end of the process the logo is provided as a scalable vector graphic logo in PDF and EPS for print use, as well as transparent PNG files and jpgs for web / email / power-point / word use.

So if you like the sound of this please contact me.

Update your logo

You may already like your logo design but it has started to get dated. It may have been established for many years and/or it is going to be cost prohibitive to change all your stationery, signs, vehicle livery etc..

Well I can redesign your logo in such a way that it retains the overall look but updates the font, the colour and/or the symbols/shapes that make up the logo.

The process would follow a similar structure as the fully original design.
Check out logo examples in my portfolio...