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Brand Development Northants

Freelance Brand Development Design Northants

Brand development is one of my core services and one that I relish doing.

In this age of increasingly fast technological and marketing advances, it can often get very hard to maintain as sense of consistency across your various mediums

This is where I can help...

If you are starting out, refreshing / updating your brand or just consolidating your existing brand, My range of services can help make your companies branding seem cohesive and robust (as well as looking incredibly attractive).

This starts with your logo right through to your, business cards, website and even the footer of your emails.

Maintaining brand consistency can be the difference between getting a sale or a very confused (and thus less receptive) potential customer.

Like it or not, many customers base their buying decisions on how your company is presented rather than the hard facts about what you do.

The Brand Development Process

First off, I will come and see you and we will sit down and decide how far you want to go with your brand development. If you are just starting out, this may be just a logo, basic stationery (Business Cards, Letterheads and Compliment Slips) and a simple website.

It always starts with the logo. Unless we are sticking with your original we will establish the base of any company's look. Please see Logo Design.

Then depending on your priorities we will develop the rest of your branding across the mediums. It is quite often best to start with the website design as the variety of visual elements presented in a website can be a good start to develop off in to the other mediums.

Maintaining Brand Consistency

Once your initial branding is established, it is important to maintain it. You can do this by always employing the right person for each project (Me), even in the case of bespoke on or offline software I can work with your developers to create an attractive and user friendly UI. Or the other option is:

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are a great way of ensuring that your brand is protected from potential shabbiness. I will create you a PDF, that details how the logo is presented in different circumstances, the correct colours / fonts to use and various other things like layout and spacing etc.

You can then make sure anyone working with you on anything that utilises your brand know exactly what to do...

So if you want to make sure your brand is designed in the right way please contact me.

Check out brand development examples in my portfolio...